10.04.2017: Change in the C4MIP output units:


All area fractions should be expressed as percent, not as a simple decimal fraction. This keeps us consistent with CMIP5.


25.08.2016: The C4MIP experimental protocol for CMIP6 is published in GMD

Opens external link in new windowJones, C. D., Arora, V., Friedlingstein, P., Bopp, L., Brovkin, V., Dunne, J., Graven, H., Hoffman, F., Ilyina, T., John, J. G., Jung, M., Kawamiya, M., Koven, C., Pongratz, J., Raddatz, T., Randerson, J. T., and Zaehle, S.: C4MIP – The Coupled Climate–Carbon Cycle Model Intercomparison Project: experimental protocol for CMIP6, Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 2853-2880, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-2853-2016, 2016.

22.08.2016: The historical landuse emissions scenario is available

20.08.2016: A link to the N deposition data (baseline and SPP scenarios) is available

30.06.2016: Revised version of the C4MIP experimental protocol for CMIP6 is uploaded for the  review in GMD

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